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Your Voices: Big thoughts for the BMA


You may have caught some of our #BMAvoices on our blog lately: an insider’s exploration of The Baltimore Museum of Art collection through the eyes of its curators, conservators, and registrars during the BMA’s 100 Day Celebration.

We’d also love to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts about:

  1. Your favorite BMA artwork
  2. Your memory of the BMA
  3. A big idea for the BMA
  4. Or ask us anything!

Download the free STQRY app, featuring crowdsourcing capabilities we developed in partnership with Seattle-based tech leaders STQRY, Inc. to send us an audio message and a selfie.

The BMA will show up on the app’s front page if you’re in the Baltimore area. Otherwise, just search for “BMA” to find us in-app.

You can also send us your thoughts through this blog, to Facebook or Twitter using the #BMAVoices tag. 100 contributors by December 31 will win a $10 gift card to the new BMA Shop. You need to share your response with the hashtag so we can identify you as a winner.

Here’s my contribution. I look forward to hearing yours!