BMA Voices: The hand and mind of James Siena in “No Man’s Land”, 2004


James Siena and Carol Weaver and Felix Harlan, Harlan & Weaver, Inc.. No Man’s Land. 2004. The Baltimore Museum of Art: The Sidney M. Friedberg Acquisitions Endowment for Prints and Drawings, BMA 2012.197.1‑7. Courtesy Harlan & Weaver, Inc., NY.

Benjamin Levy, Prints, Drawings & Photographs Curatorial Assistant, explores the different states of “No Man’s Land”, 2004, which give us a glimpse into the artist’s mind and work. 

BMA Voices is an insider’s exploration of The Baltimore Museum of Art collection through the eyes of its curators, conservators, and registrars. Featuring a new object every day during the BMA’s 100 Day Celebration, the project will highlight some favorite, amusing, unusual, and obscure objects.

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